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Sound Sleep Duvet Collection

There are many different types of duvets available. At Sound Sleep, because we believe sleep is so important – new bedding is just as important as a new mattress. Our ever-growing bedding department has a range of duvets in different tog weights. The higher the tog, the warmer the duvet. The most popular tog rating for an all year round duvet is 10.5. For those of us that are more sensitive to outside temperature change, different weights for the seasons are more popular. Hence the four-season duvet is the answer to our prayers! A pack containing a 4.5tog for summer and a 9.0tog for spring/autumn, these also clip together consequently making a 13.5tog for winter. This allows us to have a different duvet for all seasons in one pack! We stock a large variety of bedding in-store and our Dream Team can assist you to find some great bedding to compliment your new mattress.

Available From: £45.00
Available From: £35.00